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Sole Repair Kit

The Repair Kit is offered for the repair of worn soles in personal responsibility.
The repair must be carried out by an expert for shoe repair only.
Product liability and guarantee vest in the repair enforcing person or company.

Content of the Repair Kit:
  2 soleplates (white)
  4 soles (brown)
  12 blind rivets


Repair procedure:

1) Remove the worn sole and the old rivets from the foot lever

2) Rivet the soleplate (white) to the foot lever as shown in the picture. 
The ground side of the soleplate (no profile) looks away from the foot lever.

Start with the pair of bottom rivets (left side in the picture). Drill two diameter 4,1 mm holes through the soleplate and the adjacent aluminium sheet at the foot lever and rivet the soleplate. Be carefull to be beside the old holes (distance min.2mm). Bend the soleplate further, drill the next pair of holes and rivet. Bend the soleplate complete, drill and rivet the last pair.

The hardness of the soleplate is matched to the rivets. With a correct riveted sole plate the heads of the rivets are counter sunk and flush with the soleplate surface. No gab is between the aluminium sheet of the foot lever and the soleplate. This is the condition for the durable bond to the sole.


3) Bond the sole to the soleplate with a standard adhesive for shoe soles.
Note: Use a squeezing maching for shoe soles to press the sole to the soleplate for bonding.

4) Grind the edges of the bonded assembly to its end shape.

If the sole is  worn only, it is not necesarry to remove the soleplate. By carefully grinding off the sole, without hurting the heads of the rivets, the new sole can be bonded to the old soleplate as discribed from point 3) on.